LaBlast® is an innovative partner-free dance fitness program created by world renowned dancer, coach, chorepgrapher, Dancing with the Stars fan favorite and fitness expert, Louis Van Amstel

LaBlast® Fitness uses interval cardio training to help you burn calories and build endurance. Throughout the class you’ll use hand weights to tone your muscles and create a full body workout. The best part?….. All of this is done using actual dance steps!

You’ll learn the steps to various dances while dancing to a variety of musical genres from authentic Ballroom and Latin – to Rock ‘n Roll, Country, Hip Hop, and more!

Dancing is intuitive and it is emotional. This special characteristic makes dance not only a workout for your physical body, but your mental body as well.

LaBlast® uses all of the dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars” such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, Disco, Hustle, Merengue, Jive, Swing, Tango, Rumba, Waltz, and more.

Curious? Let’s Dance!

Classes Weekly

SATURDAY | LaBlast® Fitness 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM with Khrystal

What to wear: Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes – preferably ones that don’t stick too much!

Do I need a partner? Nope! LaBlast® is entirely partner free.

Do I need to register ahead of time? No pre-registration is required. Each class is $10 per person at the door.

What if I’ve never danced before? That’s okay! We’re all here to learn. When you come for your first time, we’ll give you a run down of the class and let you go at your own pace. The class is meant to be FUN. If you feel really nervous – try our LaBlast® SILK class for a slower pace.