El Tango

Experience the Touch of Tango

ARGENTINE TANGO has become one of the most popular dances today. The Argentine Tango can be danced not only to specific tango music but to most contemporary music. Social of competitiveĀ 
This exciting dance has so much to offer with it’s many embellishments. This Tango is not only fun, but uses a special connection of the leader and the follower joining in the music as one.
Learn this fascinating dance at our weekly Argentine Tango group classes . No partner is required but preferred.
BALLROOM TANGO is different than the Argentine Tango and is a choice of many. With its strong music both for social and competitive ballroom dances. The feeling of closeness and power of movements will make you a performer.
NOTICE: Please refer to our Calendar & Event page for all information regarding group classes, Special events and Social dance parties.

Health Benefits of Tango

Research has proven that Tango is the dance of choice. “Tango Therapy” is used to improve health, balance, memory, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and MS. Ask your doctor about this amazing therapy.