TDI Ballroom offers a place where people can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun and feel comfortable. We offer a varied dance program with price options for all levels of interest, with emphasis on group classes and private package sessions to reach dance skill objectives. We provide our students with up-to-date steps and technique and access to the latest dance trends.
Dancing is one of the leading activities for physical and mental health. Research has shown that learning how to dance not only improves your health and fitness levels, but can also:
  •   Decrease blood pressure – Decrease cholesterol level – Improve cardiovascular health – Strengthen weight-bearing bones
  •   Improve posture, balance, and motor skills – Improve flexibility – Reduce risk of Dementia – Encourages sociability
  •   Reduce stress and anxiety – Provide a creative outlet – Always remember, everyone starts somewhere.

                                                                                                     GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE
                                                                              Gift certificates are a great way to share the joy of dance.
Dance lessons are the perfect gift for wedding couples, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or single friends looking for an exciting activity.

Contact us for more information. 724-972-8195 / 724-972-8199 or E-Mail tdiballroom@aol.com